Atlantic Ocean Ring

The myth of Atlantis, a civilization swallowed so deep by the sea we are unsure of where it even existed has always inspired.  Just like the Pacific/Indian ocean's ancient Lemurians, the Atlanteans were thought to have existed in the Atlantic between the gulf of Mexico and Gibraltar with the Bimini road, a megalithic limestone wall resting on the ocean floor near the Bahamas anchoring this theory.  As the world turned towards monotheism they redefined multitheist symbols.  The pagan star became a symbol of devil worship and Neptune's trident became the devil's pitchfork.  Recalling the mysteries of the Atlantic, we steal back the devil's pitchfork, returning the sceptor of the sea to its rightful owner, Neptune.  Golden tridents hold a cluster of  6 white diamonds and marquis sapphire.

$ 1,000.00

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