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To find answers to commonly asked questions, please read below.

 Is this Sterling Silver?

These days most all “silver” produced in the world is done so according to the standards set forth by the British in the days they coined the term “sterling pound,” defining 92.5% of silver alloyed with other metals to harden them, such as copper.  All items listed as silver are done so according to these standards.

What are my Shipping Options?

Silverella is for sale world-wide.  We offer US Postal Service Priority Mail for $12.00 anywhere within the Continental United States (additional monies for Canada) as well as UPS GROUND SERVICE for $20.00 additional.  We strongly recommend UPS over US Postal Service for its reliability, easy tracking and lovely army of delivery personnel.  Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for your jewelry to be composed and delivered to you.  If you are ordering from a country outside of the United States, shipping and handling will be UPS at a charge of $75 USD.

Once payment has been received for your order, you will receive a personal email acknowledging your order and an additional email will be sent containing the details of the shipping arrangements when your package is shipped.  For any problems, please email Please email here

 How do I learn my Ring Size ?

 All ring sizes are available.  If we do not have your size in stock, it will be produced as quickly as possible.  Some rings are adjustable but please remember silver is a soft metal and constant movement will compromise its strength.

For necklaces, please request the length of chain you desire.  

Lengths vary according to design.  When possible the price will not change, however for especially long chains we reserve the right to pass on the additional cost to the customer.

To learn your ring size, it is strongly advised that you visit your local jeweler and have them size your finger.  It is best to err on the smaller side, as it is easier to make a ring larger than it is to go smaller.

You can purchase a ring sizer for $5 here

You can convert your ring size to US sizes here.

        What Plating and Finishes do you use?

We are not Tiffany’s but we have our standards.  While we do not currently work with gold very often, it, like the lesser metals with effects are still a part of our jewelry palette.

Many of our pieces are silver and bronze, which we refer to as jeweler’s gold.  Silver wears beautifully and when tarnished turns black.  Bronze when first polished looks like gold, as it ages it turns darker brown, and then starts growing lovely patinas.  Without polishing, your piece could start looking like a relic from an archeological dig. 

Plating is only used to cover pewter and bronze.  Other jewelers may offer Vermeil plating, we do not.  Vermeil is the process of plating gold over top of silver, that is like hiring Kate Moss to do a photo shoot and asking her to wear a mask of Giselle Bundchen.  We will never mask a beautiful metal like silver in another metal.

        Fashion Loans

If you are a respectable stylist, fashion editor, photographer or fellow artist interested in working with our jewelry, we would love to hear from you. Please email here and let us know about your interests.  Please know if we do work together and our jewelry is not safely returned we will not hesitate to forward your names to Santeria and Voodoo practitioners and have a curse placed on you and the remainder of your short career until the jewelry is returned or paid for.  We are after all humble and working people and cannot afford to be taken advantage of.  


It is important to give when possible.  For certain collections a charity is selected that resonates with the inspiration for the collection.  If you have a charity and you would like to be considered, Please email here and we will be happy to consider working with you.  We are very interested in any group working with water and historic preservation.


Being a jeweler can be a very rewarding profession.  We are fortunate enough to be part of adorning people who commit their love and contribute to the commemoration of life’s most special moments be they weddings, anniversaries, graduations, births, or just showing someone they are special.  If you would like something special made, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to facilitate this.  Please consider extra time and costs do play a part.

We work with a talented array of artisans that are capable of turning scribbled drawings into reality and engraving beautiful thoughts into your custom piece. 

If you would like to make a one of a kind piece, Please email here